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Huron Distribution Center 

20 Colorado Avenue, 

SW Huron, SD 57350

Phone: (605) 353-7150

Toll Free: 1-800-438-8302

FAX: (605) 353-7164

E-MAIL: BOA-SDFPAHuron@state.sd.us
Western Distribution Center                 

604 Box Elder Rd, West                        

Box Elder, SD 57719               

Phone: (605) 923-4884

Toll Free: 1-800-847-7584

FAX: (605) 923-3990

E-MAIL:  BOA-FederalSurplusBoxElder@state.sd.us    

The SD Federal Property Agency maintains a want list system for items needed by our customers that may not be listed in the bulletin or in stock. If the items needed should become available, we will contact you about it.  Being on the want list does not obligate you to take any items, but will give you priority consideration when the item is available. If your organization has any needs for specific items, please complete and submit the form below or call us at the toll free numbers above.

This form is to be submitted by a representative of an approved organization.  To inquire if your organization is currently approved or may be eligible to obtain property, please don't hesitate to contact our administrative office in Huron for more information.
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